What is a Guardianship?

A Guardianship is where an individual is appointed by the Court to make decisions, whether personal or financial, for either a minor, or an adult who is suffering from mental and/or physical limitations.

When is a Guardianship Appropriate?

In Florida, a guardian for a minor is appropriate where both parents of the child die, cannot care for a child, or where a child receives funds by way of an inheritance or resulting funds are received in a lawsuit for a child exceeding statutory limits. A guardianship is appropriate in an adult situation where an adult's ability to conduct their lives and make decisions has been demonstrated to the Court to be in jeopardy or impaired.

Guardianship Duties and Responsibilities.

A guardianship entails many guardian duties and responsibilities which are statutorily defined. The guardian is ethically and legally bound to act in the best interest of the Ward, the individual determined to be incompetent, protecting the Ward's personal and property rights, and facilitating the Ward's overall quality of life.

Guardianship Guidelines.

Chapter 744, Florida Statutes, outlines and governs guardianships in the State of Florida.

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