Protective Orders

What is a Protective Order/Injunction?

Family members who have been harmed or are in fear of being harmed may request a Protective Order. When in place, Protective Orders prohibit contact between the victim and the alleged assailant. A family member may be required to vacate a family residence in a Protective Order proceeding. Emergency circumstances may require a Protective Order to be issued initially without a hearing. Shortly after a Protective Order is entered in an emergency circumstance, a hearing subsequently occurs wherein all parties appear and present evidence to the Court for a determination of whether the Protective Order should or should not continue in effect.

What if the Protective Order is Violated?

Where a Protective Order is intentionally violated, such violations are deemed to be criminal acts which can result in separate criminal charges. An individual who intentionally violates a Protective Order may face fines and/or jail time, in addition to criminal charges that may have occurred that resulted in Protective Order being sought in the first instance.

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