Motorcycle Accidents

Accident Reports and Medical Documentation.

Many people that are involved in a motorcycle accident do not realize they are actually hurt, and may not feel the symptoms of the accident for days or a substantial period of time subsequent to the accident. Law enforcement should be called in any situation where a motorcycle accident results in injury. The resulting investigation is tremendously instrumental in documenting and ultimate pursuit of a personal injury claim stemming from the incident. Equally important, if not more important, is that you receive appropriate medical care as soon as possible. Documentation of the events of the accident by way of an appropriate accident investigation report coupled with medical record documentation of sustained injuries are the fundamental requirements that will be needed by Peeler Law Firm to evaluate your case and pursue an appropriate recovery on your behalf. Your insurance carrier should be notified as immediately as possible after a motorcycle accident has occurred.

Free Case Evaluation and Consultation.

A free consultation with no obligation whatsoever is available for motorcycle accident victims by calling Peeler Law Firm at 850-462-2563. Stan Peeler will be pleased to personally consult with you about your personal injury case and weigh with you the pros and cons, and discuss the potential for pursuit of a financial recovery on your behalf. There are no fees for legal services unless there is recovery regarding your motorcycle accident claim.