Truck Accidents

Commercial Truck State and Federal Regulation.

Truck accidents are a substantial issue in Florida as well as in all states across the country. Truck accidents have the high potential to cause serious personal injury due to their size, weight, and inability to stop or maneuver as quickly as other vehicles. The trucking industry is highly regulated by state as well as federal laws. Federal regulations are published by the United states Department of Transportation. In Florida, substantially all federal trucking regulations have been incorporated into state law which must be analyzed by your personal injury attorney in each situation where a commercial truck has been involved in an accident. Peeler Law Firm will scrutinize the events of your accident to determine whether the truck in your accident was compliant with federal and state law.

Truck Accident Documentation.

As in all motor vehicle accidents, law enforcement should be called to any accident involving a motor vehicle of any sort, but especially in a truck accident scenario. An immediate investigation of a truck accident will generate for your attorney's use a wealth of information critical to the evaluation and pursuit of your personal injury claim. Truck and trailer ownership information is available at the scene of the accident, travel logs, weight and load capacities are also readily available and are preserved by an appropriate accident investigation. Department of Transportation numbers and Motor Carrier numbers are readily discernable on the truck, providing owner carrier information, tracked by state or federal agencies. Insurance carrier information can be tracked by this information which Peeler Law Firm will utilize in pursuing your injury claim.

Free Case Evaluation.

Truck accidents are serious matters requiring a dedicated and detail oriented analysis of the entirety of circumstances involving the accident in order to achieve a just and appropriate recovery for victims of truck accidents. Peeler Law Firm will provide that dedication, compassion and tenacity to pursue your personal injury claim whether your claim is large or small in nature. There are no legal fees unless recovery on your behalf is successful. If you have been involved a truck accident, please call 850-462-2563.