Wrongful Death

What is Wrongful Death?

The legal term "Wrongful Death" occurs in situations where negligence results in the death of an individual. A multitude of circumstances can lead to a wrongful death scenario. By way of example, the accident could involve a workplace scenario, vehicles, defective products, medical negligence, etc.

What Recovery is Possible?

In wrongful death cases, family members are entitled to damages or compensation for pain and suffering and loss of companionship before death. In addition, family survivors may be entitled to any monetary loss as a portion of damages to be recovered. A determination of damage amounts is somewhat complex and takes into consideration projected life spans, earning capabilities, as well as other factors. Wrongful death cases can take a substantial period of time to conclude. It is tremendously important to begin the required investigation into a wrongful death scenario as quickly as possible. Often, wrongful death cases are resolved prior to trial by way of mediation, arbitration, or other settlement mechanism.

Free Case Evaluation and Consultation.

There are no legal fees in wrongful death cases handled by Peeler Law Firm unless there is a financial recovery. A free case evaluation is available by simply calling Stan Peeler at 850-432-7705.