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D. M.


Hiring an attorney is never an easy decision, but hiring Peeler Law Firm is the best decision you can make if you have legal issues. From the first meeting with Mr. Peeler to the finalization of your legal matter you will have personalized attention from an experienced professional. Mr. Peeler and his staff will keep you informed of every step throughout the process and they are always available for questions or concerns. Mr. Peeler will carefully explain what to expect during different stages of the process. He will counsel you with respect but he will also make sure that you understand the realistic outcomes possible in your case. Mr. Peeler remains calm under pressure, he is practical and thoughtful in his decisions, always keeping your goals and desired outcomes in mind. Mr. Peeler's staff is also attentive, courteous and professional. They make you feel like a valued client at all times. I highly recommend Peeler Law Firm if you are faced with legal challenges. You will not be disappointed.

T. A.


Unfortunately, I recently was charged with a misdemeanor in Santa Rosa County, Florida. I am a student with high ambitions for a meaningful career. As a consequence, maintaining a pristine criminal record was of utmost concern to me in dealing with the criminal justice system. I engaged Peeler Law Firm to assist me. From the beginning, I felt I was in very competent and professional hands. Mr. Peeler was successful in getting me through the process which resulted in my record continuing to be clean, making it possible that I may continue my life goals without any blemish that might negatively affect my future or chosen career. I would hire Peeler Law again without hesitation, and give Peeler Law Firm my high recommendation.

J. S.


I was Valedictorian of my law school class and I chose Peeler Law Firm to represent me in my divorce after careful consideration of all of my options in Pensacola. From the very first phone call I was met with nothing but compassion, professionalism, kindness, wisdom, and impeccable guidance through an extremely difficult circumstance. Our case was prolonged and tremendously acrimonious, and Mr. Peeler fought full throttle for me every step of the way without fail. He is an astute gentleman with an extraordinary knowledge of the law. His demeanor is calming for his client yet disarming to opposing counsel. Confidence, poise, diligence, and preparedness serve his clients very well and distinguish Mr. Peeler from his peers.

Peeler Law Firm staff members were also always kind, professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. If you are looking for the best firm to go to bat for you, look no further. I highly highly recommend Peeler Law.

S. K.


My son and I Live in the State of Georgia. A very contested Family Law issue arose in Escambia County, Florida, requiring that we hire an attorney for assistance. We engaged Peeler Law Firm. The effort by Peeler Law Firm was tremendous. Mr. Peeler and his staff were responsive, kept us informed providing answers to our questions as they arose, and kept us intimately involved in the process throughout. I am very pleased of our choice of counsel, would hire Peeler Law Firm again without question, and give my highest recommendations regarding legal services they provide.

A. E.


I hired Stan Peeler as my attorney to assist regarding a Protective Order matter in Okaloosa County, Florida. My case was handled with courtesy and professionalism from beginning to end. I was pleased with the result and with my choice of representation. Without hesitation, I would recommend Peeler Law Firm for anyone in need of legal assistance.

A. F.


My choice of representation in my recent divorce was Peeler Law Firm. Stan Peeler and his staff were courteous, responsive, and handled my divorce with integrity and professionalism throughout the litigation process. I highly recommend Peeler Law Firm for those in need of family law legal assistance.

L. G., C. G., D. G.


Unfortunately, our family became intertwined in the criminal process in a serious matter, requiring criminal defense of our son. We engaged Peeler Law Firm as defense counsel. Stan Peeler and his staff worked tirelessly for more than a year to achieve a result that was remarkably positive in the circumstances, avoiding all prison time in final resolution. For those involved in the criminal process, our family without hesitation gives Peeler Law Firm our highest praise and recommendation.

L. C., K. W., A. W.


Our family is from Georgia and engaged Peeler Law Firm recently to assist our daughter in Okaloosa County regarding a pending family law matter. Stan Peeler and his assistants provided services that were responsive to our needs, and impeccably delivered those services with courtesy and professionalism throughout the case. We are exceptionally pleased with our choice of counsel. Our family gives Peeler Law Firm our highest recommendations.

A. N.


My attorney providing assistance for me for some time now in family law related legal matters has been Stan Peeler. Stan Peeler and his staff have been exceptional, and have obtained exceptional results on my behalf. It is my pleasure to recommend Peeler Law Firm for those who require legal assistance regarding any family law related matter.

M. S.


I have been the primary caregiver for my son who is now almost a teenager. During the past few months, the Father filed documents in Court the transitioned my son to the care of the Father. I hired Stan Peeler to assist me in this very emotional case. My case was addressed with diligence evidentiary hearing, my son was immediately transitioned back into my primary care. I am so pleased with the efforts on my behalf, and grateful for the end result. Without hesitation, I would recommend Peeler Law Firm to those in need of legal assistance.

R. M.


Recently, I was surprisingly confronted with having to deal with a protective order filed by my wife in Escambia County, Florida. I hired Peeler Law Firm to assist me. I am extremely pleased with the responsiveness to me and the work that was done on my behalf, and the case was dismissed. I highly recommend Peeler Law Firm to those In need of legal services.

Peeler did a great job winning my case.

J. C.


Mr. Peeler has been my attorney now since my divorce in 2012. He has handled numerous causes and legal matters for me and I am pleased with everything he has done for me and my family. He is professional, fair, and understanding. I made a great choice when I chose Mr. Peeler and want to make sure this review reflects that. Highly recommend Mr. Peeler and him firm.

D. E.


II hired Mr. Peeler to handle my probate case after my husband died. He did everything to make sure that I was taken care of completely Ms. Peeler always made me feel important and call me himself several times. I would recommend him to anyone needing an attorney. Can't thank him enough!

D. H.


I hired Stan Peeler as my attorney to assist me in a divorce proceeding in Santa Rosa County, Florida. Mr. Peeler worked hard for me to achieve my goals. I was extremely pleased with the results. They exceeded my expectations. The issues involved a division of significant assets, alimony and attorney fee considerations. I am very pleased having hired Mr. Peeler as my attorney. I would hire him again and I would recommend his services to anyone in need of legal assistance.


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